Therma-i Screening Solutions

Helping you create safer spaces.

Introducing Therma-i

Therma-I is a cost-effective temperature screening solution, designed to help you operate safely.

Your employees and visitors are counting on you to create a safe working environment. For not much more than the cost of an iPad, Therma-i can help you do this.

Accurately screen all visitors to your premises for elevated temperature and take swift preventative action. Therma-I offers the latest in thermal imaging while remaining accessible to you.

  • Automatically detects temperatures above 37.8 C° with results displayed in seconds
  • Accurate up to 0.3° and affordable temperature screening
  • Fast results – temperature reading in 3 seconds
  • Confidence for all staff and visitors
  • No contact temperature screening – enables safe social distancing
  • No installation or calibration required – simply plug in and begin screening
  • Discreet and Privacy Compliant – no health data is collected and no internet connection required
  • CE & FCC Certified

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    Why choose Therma-i?

    Therma-i is an accessible and cost-effective temperature screening solution. Reassure your people and create safer spaces by taking the right steps.


    Plug & Screen

    Therma-i is a simple Plug & Screen temperature screening solution offering no disruption to your operations.


    Mask Detection Functionality

    Depending on your needs and local regulations we can offer pre-programmed mask detection feature.


    Accurate Fever Measurement

    Therma-i is programmed to detect temperature above 37.8 with the accuracy of 0.3 of a degree.


    Peace of mind

    Therma-i offers accurate no-contact temperature screening, offering you and your visitors confidence and peace of mind.


    Culturally Sensitive Temperature Screening

    Therma-i can accurately measure temperature through head and face coverings like niqāb.
    No need to remove any garments.


    Privacy Compliant

    Therma-i does not collect any data, protecting the privacy and discretion of your employees and visitors.

    Creating safer spaces

    What our clients say

    We are passionate about helping an ever-increasing number of organisations create safer spaces, discover what they say about Therma-i.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Therma-i require installation?

    No. The unit operates on 12 volts DC and requires access to a main socket for energy supply.

    How does Therma-i measure temperature?

    The temperature threshold is preset by the supplier. When facing the unit an outline of the face will appear on the unit. The test is activated by an infra-red sensor. Thermal image sensor reads the temperature from the forehead.

    How does the screening work?

    Once the unit is plugged in and turned on, simply face the unit and temperature screening begins. An audio-visual alert notifies you once the screening is completed in 3 seconds.

    Can Therma-i be installed on a bus or turnstiles?

    Yes! The unit operates on 12 volts DC and can relay outputs can interface with turnstiles or automatic gates to prevent opening if no mask is worn or elevated temperature is detected.

    I am worried about my duty of care to safeguard my employees and visitors, what can I do?

    Therma-i is a perfect addition to your health and safety arsenal. Thermal imaging can help you identify individuals with an elevated temperature, often caused by viral infections.

    What is the face mask detection feature?

    We can preset Therma-i to detect whether a face covering is present or not. If you wish to have this feature please make sure to specify this when you get in touch with us.

    What happens with temperature data?

    Therma-i does not record or store any data and does not connect to the internet. Individual screenings are not recorded, if you wish to verify results please re-test.

    Let's create safer spaces together.

    We are committed to helping you create and maintain safer spaces. Purchase Therma-i today and being reassuring your employees and visitors today.