How does Therma-i work?

The temperature threshold is pre-set by the supplier. When facing the unit an outline of the face will appear on the unit. The test is activated by an infra-red sensor. Thermal image sensor reads the temperature from the forehead.

Does Therma-i require installation?

No! The unit operates on 12 volt DC and requires access to a mains socket for energy supply – simply start up and screen!

How accurate is Therma-i?

Therma-i is accurate to 0.3 of a degree. We achieve this by utilising infra-red radiation to measure the surface temperature of individuals, allowing users to safely detect elevated temperatures without contact.

Can Therma-i be installed on a bus or turnstiles?

Yes! The unit operates on 12 volts DC and can relay outputs can interface with turnstiles or automatic gates to prevent opening if no mask is worn or elevated temperature is detected

What is the face mask detection feature?

We can preset Therma-i to detect whether a face covering is present or not. If you wish to have this feature please make sure to specify this when you get in touch with us.

How does thermal imaging differ from thermometers?

While many thermometers can operate without contact, they read the temperature of a central location on the body. Thermal imaging systems create a temperature map of area screened, providing a more accurate screening.

How does thermal imaging work?

Thermal imaging tools utilise infra-red radiation to measure the surface temperature of individuals, allowing users to safely detect elevated temperatures without contact.

How many people can be screened at one time?

The Therma-i system can screen one individual at a time – ISO recommendations state that accuracy can be maximised by limiting screening to one person per scan.

COVID-19 & Skin Temperatures

I am worried about my duty of care to safeguard employees / visitors, what can I do?

Therma-i is a perfect addition to your health and safety arsenal. Thermal imaging can help you identify individuals with an elevated temperature, often caused by viral infections.

Are thermal imaging solutions effective as a sole means of detection?

Therma-i is an early detection tool, while elevated temperature is one symptom of COVID-19, there are a range of symptoms related to COVID-19 including asymptomatic carriers, meaning thermal imaging cannot be used as a sole means of detection.

How do you define correct temperature thresholds?

Guidance from the NHS has stated a temperature of 37.8 degrees or over can be an indicator of Coronavirus, however if you wish to specify a different threshold please specify so in your order.

How close do you need to be to accurately detect temperature?

No physical contact with the unit is required. The screening can take place at a safe distance and through any see-through barriers you may have in place.

What do I do if I detect an elevated temperature?

The ACAS recommends having policies in place to prepare for such eventualities, although action is to be determined by senior management.

Could hot flushes / biological factors impact results?

Thermal imaging detects the temperature of the skin, meaning results may be impacted by biological factors. A re-test is recommended if an individual believes their screening has been impacted by external factors.

Data & Privacy:

Does Therma-i store any data?

Therma-i does not record or store any data, meaning the privacy of users is secure.

Can I access the data?

As no data is recorded or stored, there is no data to access.

Does Therma-i connect to the internet or other networks?

Therma-i does not support connection to the internet or other networks, only a power source. Because of this you and your stakeholders can screen confidently knowing their personal information is secure.

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